Who do you love? leaving a legacy.

When you see technicolor Peeps lining the grocery store shelves, you know that Spring is near and families will soon be gathering to celebrate the season.

Whether you are gathered around an Easter feast or beaming with pride at a grandchild’s graduation, you may start thinking about the long-term legacy you are leaving for your loved ones.

Legacy gifts can take many forms. Mementos, albums and scrapbooks, for instance. Or researching and sharing your genealogy. Or a custom cookbook that includes all the favorite family recipes.
Just as important are considering the financial realities your loved ones will face without you. With the innovations in life insurance and retirement planning vehicles, there are new ways you can enjoy an abundance retirement AND give your family lasting peace of mind.
While we can’t help you research your family tree or assemble your favorite recipes, we can help you create the right financial plan to protect your family and enjoy retirement. Call us and let’s discuss all the new alternatives.