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The mission of Wood Family Financial is to provide sound strategies designed for your greatest benefit. We strive to educate the client to eliminate the guesswork, often associated with investment planning, by providing clear information and recommendations.

We are a full-service financial advisory that is driven by one focused goal – to help clients grow, protect and transfer all they have worked so hard to achieve. How can we help you secure your financial future?

Meet Our Founder


Being a financial advisor runs in Houston Wood’s family. He followed in the footsteps of his father and older brother and has now been the industry for more than 40 years. His daughter, Chase Gower, has worked alongside her father for 15 years and they recently welcomed her husband, Evan, as partner.

Houston founded Wood Family Financial almost two decades ago with a mission to approach financial planning as educational. “People are smart enough to make their own decisions,” Houston says. “Our job is to teach them enough about their finances that they understand the why behind their different investments. The tagline I came up with to explain this is: ‘Educating clients to make educated decisions.’”

Houston began his career designing pensions, profit-sharing plans and 401(k)s for large businesses, and worked alongside attorneys and accountants to implement sizable estate plans for professionals and wealthy business owners. A large property and casualty agency approached him, and they started a separate company, which he built up and then sold after 11 years before starting Wood Family Financial.

Wood brings all of his experience to his clients, meeting with people to discuss the investments they own, why they own them, what they need money to do for them and when they will need it.

He teaches people about the pros and cons of various types of investments and the impact on their overall estate. “Every investment has its advantages and downsides,” he explains, “and we go over all of it.” Houston focuses on both safety and growth with his recommendations, and puts together full plans, ensuring clients also have estate documents in place. He estimates he’s created about 3,000 plans in his career.

Houston credits both his dad and his brother, and other “tremendous mentors” through the years, with helping him along the way. “I’ve now become a mentor myself,” he says. He began giving free financial education classes to the public 14 years ago to broaden his reach, and has taught at least 500 classes. “There are so many people who have not received the help they need…” he says.

When he’s not teaching clients or designing an investment plan, he plays golf, is an avid reader and enjoys spending time with his wife of 41 years, Claudia, and their two grandchildren.

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Houston Wood | Managing Partner

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